We are experienced scientists with 8+ years of involvement into various inhibitor development projects in the field of kinases, bromodomains, E3s and HDACs. We felt a rising number of requests from the field to get cellular target engagement data on the small molecules of interest and to address that, founded CELLinib in 2021. We are dedicated to deliver your data with speed and accuracy. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our services!

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Dr. Benedict-Tilman Berger

CELLinib GmbH

Dr. Benedict-Tilman Berger was born in 1991 in Berlin, Germany. He studied Biochemistry at the Freie University Berlin where he received his Bachelor (2014) and Master (2016) of Science. During his st...

Dr. Lena Marie Berger

CELLinib GmbH

Lena Marie Berger was born in 1995 in Essen, Germany. She studied Biology at the Freie University Berlin where she received her Bachelor of Science in 2016. During her Bachelor’s she worked in t...


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